Getting Started: MarginX 2.0

Freedom To List, Trade, Utilize And Yield Perpetuals


For Liquidity Providers: Enhancing the returns on your idle liquidity to establish a perpetual market for additional yield
For Project Owners: Generating Additional Liquidity For The Spots Market Using The Treasury Token Through Creating Perpetuals
For Trader: Best price for exotic and newest perpetuals
For Degen and Farmer: CLOB Perpetual DEX with an AMM feature
In MarginX 2.0, the team intends to decentralize both the "listing" and "market-making" components, fully adopting the Automated Market Maker (AMM) approach for perpetual order books, which the team has termed "Automated Limit Order Book Market Maker For Perpetual Market" or "ALO."
Similar to Uniswap (but in a perpetual version), users and traders can create any perpetual market by providing liquidity through LP tokens, stablecoin, tokens, NFTs, etc.
Last modified 5mo ago